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abigail kirigin

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Food Technologies

I am currently contracting for Bump, where I am the sole Interaction & UI designer. I've redone their website, but for the exciting mobile stuff you'll have to look for my work in products releasing in the next few months!

for more details & code samples contact me


I'm an interaction designer. I develop and refine the concept, craft the user experience, create the visual design, and implement the front-end (HTML/CSS).

I've designed for mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Nokia), the internet, intranets, and government research projects.

I used to be the co-founder and CEO of Tipjoy, a social payments service.

I received my master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

I love to make things. I stitch, sew & needlepoint, play violin, bake, am a hobbyist interior designer and have an ongoing stream of DIY home improvement projects.


I occasionally update Twitter & Facebook.

Drop me a line if you've got some challenging design problems: abigail.kirigin@gmail.com

I'm not currently available for work, but I always love to hear about new challenges and usually find some way to get involved if it's really interesting! If you're in the Bay Area, I'm happy to work with you at your office. I also work remotely.